Numberless Word Problems


Numberless word problems will completely change the way you view and teach word problems! Best of all, they require little prep and all the work has been done for you with this editable word problem resource.

Have you watched your students simply guess at word problems or consistently revert to the operation they are most comfortable with? I’d venture to guess that most of us have! That’s I love implementing numberless word problems.

In numberless word problems, all numbers are removed temporarily while students process what the situation is and determine what information is needed to solve the problem. Then, numbers are revealed until a solution is reached. These problems allow students to spend time focusing on the context of the problem. Removing the numbers prevents students from trying to solve a problem without fully understanding the problem.

These word problems focus on one type of word problem each week. There are five slides for each of the following types of word problems. If you view the slides in slide show mode, you will be able to reveal one portion of the problem at a time. I have also included a paper version of each of the problems below.

  • joining problem-result unknown
  • joining problem-change unknown
  • joining problem-start unknown
  • removing problem-result unknown
  • removing problem-change unknown
  • removing problem-start unknown
  • parts and wholes-whole unknown
  • parts and wholes-part unknown
  • comparing problem-difference unknown
  • comparing problem-smaller unknown
  • comparing problem-bigger unknown
  • equal groups-product unknown
  • equal groups-group size unknown
  • equal groups-number of groups unknown
  • array-product unknown
  • array-group size unknown
  • array-number of groups unknown
  • comparing problems-product unknown
  • comparing problems-group size unknown
  • comparing problems-number of groups unknown.

I review through independent practice sheets, which include all new word problems. You may also use the Types of Word Problems Booklets that have students SOLVE and WRITE their own word problems.

When beginning this strategy, one of my greatest concerns was how I would implement this AND number talks. After considerable planning, I decided that I would incorporate these numberless word problems and number talks into one lesson. Hopefully, this planning will save you HOURS of time! If you don’t utilize number talks, don’t worry! You can simply omit that portion of the lesson. Each week students focus on one type of word problem and one number talk strategy. The numbers I have selected for the word problem will lend themselves to a number talk using that particular strategy.

Since this resource is best completed with the teacher, I did not include answer keys.

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