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As my curriculum and instructional challenges increase, I am constantly seeking ways to integrate my curriculum and standards. This product was created to make the integration of social studies, science, and even a little research a bit easier for teachers. These STEM or STEAM activities are centered around major events in United States history. Hopefully, these lessons will not only engage students and encourage critical thinking, but will also allow students to  understand and appreciate these historical events on a deeper level.

What’s Included
Each activity comes with detailed teacher notes, an explanation of how the activity relates to the historical event, a suggested materials list, a suggested list of websites for further exploration, and example photos. There is also a two page printable for students. I have used the same format for each of the printables, so that students will quickly become adjusted to your expectations and procedures. The printable will take students through the complete design process. The first page of the printable is used to get students started with the activity. It explains the directions and gives students the parameters in which they will be working, as well as guide students through research questions. You may use the second page of the activity if you plan to have students test and revise their design, which is part of the STEM/STEAM process.

European Explorers Create a Navigational Tool
Pgs. 9-12 Native Americans Create a Native American Home
Pgs. 13-20 Jamestown Purify Water
Pgs. 21-24 Plymouth Build a Ship
Pgs. 25-28 New England Colonies Create a Waterwheel
Pgs. 29-32 Middles Colonies Harness Wind Power
Pgs. 33-36 Southern Colonies Build a Bridge
Pgs. 37-40 French & Indian War Create Powder Horn
Pgs. 41-44 Boston Tea Party Build a Tea Container
Pgs. 45-48 American Revolution Build a Cannon
Pgs. 49-52 Lewis & Clark Design an Insulated Blanket
Pgs. 53-56 Westward Expansion Create a Covered Wagon
Pgs. 57-60 Cotton Gin Create a Working Cotton Gin
Pgs. 61-64 Gold Rush Panning for Gold Challenge
Pgs. 65-68 Underground Railroad Create a Map
Pgs. 69-72 Civil War Build a Cannon Ball Launcher
Pgs. 73-76 Transcontinental Railroad Create a Marble Run
Pgs. 77-80 Chicago Fire Design Water Pipelines
Pgs. 81-84 Telephone Design a Telephone
Pgs. 85-88 Immigration Build the Statue of Liberty
Pgs. 89-92 Wright Brothers Design a Plane
Pgs. 93-96 Industrial Revolution Assembly Line
Pgs. 97-100 San Francisco Earthquake Design an Earthquake Proof Structure
Pgs. 101-104 Automobile Build a Balloon Car
Pgs. 105-108 World War I Design a Periscope
Pgs. 109-112 Great Depression Build a Dam
Pgs. 113-116 World War II Black Outs
Pgs. 117-120 Vietnam Build a Helicopter
Pgs. 121-124 Civil Rights Build a Monument
Pgs. 125-128 Space Exploration Design a Bottle Rocket
Pg. 129 Rubric

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