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The search for research based, effective, and meaningful upper elementary math interventions is over! Over the years I’ve found plenty of math assessments, computer practice programs, and other practice activities for my math intervention groups, but it was incredibly challenging and time consuming to find meaningful teaching activities that pinpointed and corrected students’ conceptual gaps and misunderstandings. These intervention lessons are the culmination of years of research, implementation, and modifications to my RTI lessons.

This intervention curriculum was specifically designed for upper elementary students who need additional math instruction in order to be successful in mastering essential math standards. This curriculum was not designed for students who simply need a bit of extra instruction, time, or practice. Instead, this curriculum was designed for upper elementary students who experience difficulty with number sense, generalizing math concepts, have significant gaps in their math understanding, and are having difficulty keeping up with and understanding their current math curriculum. This may be used as a part of your small group math instruction, math interventions, or math RTI.

This is a very flexible and versatile math intervention curriculum and is best used with small group lessons. The lessons are based on approximately 20 minutes of instruction, but more time can certainly be added to that instruction. Each lesson is broken into three components: review, focus lesson, and practice. There is a similar routine for each lesson to allow the lessons to flow quickly and to provide predictability for students. The review and practice are both very short components to the lesson, because the bulk of the lesson is focused on instruction during the focus lesson. This is NOT a series of practice or review worksheets, as the lessons focus on interaction and discussion with a little practice mixed in. You may teach the topics in any order and skip around to reflect your math curriculum. However, it is not necessary for these lessons to match your current math workshop lessons. I find that I often need to address gaps in student understanding before students are able to access their grade level curriculum. These lessons emphasize conceptual understanding and each topic’s lessons build upon the next for increased difficulty.

  • Part 1 Place Value-2 weeks of instruction
  • Part 2 Addition-3 weeks of instruction
  • Part 3 Subtraction-2 weeks of instruction
  • Part 4 Addition & Subtraction Word Problems-1 week of instruction
  • Part 5 Multiplication-5 weeks of instruction (3rd grade skips 3rd-5th week)
  • Part 6 Division-4 weeks of instruction (3rd grade skips 3rd week)
  • Part 7 Multiplication & Division Word Problems-1 week of instruction
  • Part 8 Fractions-5 weeks of instruction
  • Part 9 Decimals-1 week of instruction

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