Fraction Games

Fraction games are a great way to provide engagement and learning support for students. When I think back to how I taught fractions my first few years of teaching, I wish I could go back and apologize to my former students. Yes, I taught the necessary lessons and my students appeared to understand fractions, but […]

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Place Value Worksheets

There are so many fun and engaging place value worksheets, resources, and lessons to incorporate into the classroom that it’s hard to find time to squeeze it all in. In this post, you can learn more about supplemental place value worksheets and activities that can be added to your place value unit. Emoji Place Value

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Back to School Escape

I absolutely LOVE using escape lessons or breakout activities to make my instruction fun and engaging for my students. Earlier, I shared a blog post on how I’ve started using escape rooms in my fourth grade classroom. The post gives step-by-step directions in how to implement and organize a physical or digital escape room or

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Favorite Back To School Game

Back to School Game

I want to share with you my favorite back to school game. However, before I share the game, I need to give a little background… My husband and I went on a cruise where there was a game showed called The Quest. We had no clue what we were getting into, but everyone told us

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Escape Room container with toy mobile phones on a desk

Escape Room Activities

Breakout classrooms and escape room activities are continuing to grow in popularity in today’s elementary classroom. I too ventured into the world of escape classrooms, and my students and I absolutely love it! I’ll be real with you and acknowledge that I didn’t have a smooth start, as I had quite a bit of a

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