Teaching Multiplication Facts

Teaching multiplication facts is certainly a challenge. I surveyed more than 20,000 teachers about their biggest challenge teaching math, and the overwhelming response was that students don’t know their multiplication facts. We’ve all experienced it. Some students easily memorize their multiplication facts, and other students memorize most of their multiplication facts but struggle with the […]

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Halloween Math Activities

These Halloween math activities are a blast for students! They’re so much fun and full of great math content. Here’s an overview of the Halloween math activities included in the Halloween edition of the Multiplication Math Centers. As with the other centers in a booklet format, everything can be copied into a single booklet. This

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Restate the Question

Teaching students how to restate the question and support their answer with text evidence is not always the easiest (or fun) part of the year.  However, I also know that it isn’t an option. Restating the question and providing text evidence is something I have to teach and a skill students will be expected to

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