Halloween Math Activities

These Halloween math activities are a blast for students! They’re so much fun and full of great math content. Here’s an overview of the Halloween math activities included in the Halloween edition of the Multiplication Math Centers.

As with the other centers in a booklet format, everything can be copied into a single booklet. This way students don’t need to keep up with recording sheets. It’s nice having everything in one place.

Halloween Math Activities – Candy Corn Division

This Halloween math activity is a great way to review the concept of division. Students take a set number of candy corns and partition it equal into either equal groups or into groups with equal amounts. You can grab cauldrons from a party supply store to make it even more fun for students.

Activity 2-Spooky Recipes

In this Halloween math activity, students receive a price list of ingredients for spooky (gross) recipes. They use the price list to answer multi-part word problems. This is definitely challenging for students, but they always enjoy this task.

Halloween Activity 3-Picture Puzzles

Picture puzzles aren’t just for younger students. They can be valuable for upper elementary students too. You can see how students work with larger numbers in these puzzles. You could also have students work with fractional picture puzzles or puzzles with decimals. In this activity, there are multiple picture puzzles for students to complete.

Activity 4-Haunted Math

This Halloween math activity is similar to the game of Clue. Students use deductive reasoning and thinking about 10 and 100 times the value of numbers to determine who stole the candy from the Halloween party and where they hid the candy. The questions are centered around the value of digits.

Activity 5-Costume Shop and Activity 6-Fall Festival

Both of these Halloween math activities are problem solving activities that don’t include any task cards or special materials. It requires a lot of application, and students won’t be able to determine an immediate answer. That often frustrates students, but this problem solving is so important for them.

Halloween math activities

Halloween Activity 7- Logic

These logic puzzles are so helpful for students-fun too! If they’ve never done anything like this before, you’ll definitely want to model how to complete a few together. Otherwise students will be quite confused. However, once they see what to do, they can quickly catch on.

Halloween math activities

Activity 8-Geometric Haunted House

In this center students use various geometric terms to create a haunted house. I included a separate page of grid paper that students can draw their house on, as well as example images of each geometric term.

Halloween Math Activity 9-Three Act Task

This is such an awesome and thought provoking activity. I especially love the fact that the Google Form won’t let students move forward without estimates and sharing what they know and need to know. Since it is quite challenging computation, I do let students use the calculator on their Chromebooks for the task.

Halloween math activities

Center 10-Sweet Math

Students can use actual bags of candy-I highly recommend empty bags-for the activity or use online nutrition fact sources. Students use the information to solve word problems (many multi-step) about the nutrition facts.

Halloween math activities

Halloween Math Activities 11 & 12-Fall Festival

The final Halloween math activities take a little more time to complete than the other activities, so I combined this into two rotations. In the task, students design a fall festival where every booth must have a set perimeter or area. After completing the booth outlines, students can decorate their festival.

Halloween math activities

Hopefully, you’ve found something you can use in these Halloween math activities! You can find these centers here. If you’re looking for something different, you can find TONS of additional Halloween ideas in this blog post!

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