Measurement Escape | A Measurement Breakout Project | Print & Digital


This measurement escape activity includes digital and physical versions! These problem solving tasks encourage critical thinking and deductive reasoning. The measurement escape activity is a perfect way to culminate your fourth grade measurement unit.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Teacher Directions
  • Student Directions
  • Clue 1: Find the dimensions of two rectangles. These dimensions (place from least to greatest) provide the clue to the 4-digit lock.
  • Clue 2: In this clue, you must find the measure of 5 angles. For four of the angles, you will need to use a protractor to find the measure of the angle. Add the measure of each of the angles together, and the sum will be the code for the 3-digit lock. This will lead you further away from the reef.
  • Clue 3: Use the line plot to answer each of the five questions. Then, use the decoder wheel to determine the colors for the 5-color lock. Place the colors in the same order as the questions. If you have a question with two answers, you’ll use one of the answers. Choose the one on the decoder wheel. When you complete this, you’ve almost escaped!
  • Clue 4: Solve the measurement table. Crack the code to find your last mystery to solve.

This can be used with Breakout Edu boxes or with your own boxes and locks. If you do not have boxes and locks, you may use the digital version, where students submit their answers on Google Forms.

Total Pages: 17
File Size: 5 MB


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