Geography Reading Passages and Questions | Print and Digital


These geography reading passages and questions help students dig deeper into informational reading. This is a great way to integrate nonfiction reading to your reading AND social studies instruction! There is a print and digital version of the passages and questions.

There are five nonfiction reading passages based on a variety of topics related to geography. Since we all have students reading on many different reading levels, I’ve written each passage on three reading levels to make differentiation a little easier for you.

There are also three sets of questions for each set of passages. The first set of questions requires students to cite evidence in the text, and the second set of questions require students to analyze the text structure and word choice of the passage. The third set of questions have students respond to a question that promotes higher order thinking.

Geography Concepts Included:

  • Landforms
  • Types of Maps
  • Longitude & Latitude (Prime Meridian and Equator)
  • Communities
  • U.S. Regions

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Total Pages: 47
File Size: 6 MB



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