Personal Narrative Writing Unit – Writing Workshop


This comprehensive unit addresses all of the narrative writing standards for the Common Core Standards, as well as most state standards! A traditional PDF version is included, as well as a link for Google Docs. This means this product is also ready for Google Classroom!

This is a 6-week unit that is broken down to day by day lessons. Each lesson contains directions for a mini lesson, independent work time, and share time for teaching aa personal narrative. There is also an additional handout or guided practice activity for each of the lessons.

You’ll also find rubrics, monthly layout, suggested mentor texts, grammar integration with mentor sentences, and more!

Lessons Include:
Day 1-What Can I Write About?
Day 2-What is a Personal Narrative
Day 3-Using a Graphic Organizer
Day 4-Writing About a Small Moment in Time
Day 5-Adding an Emotional Hook
6-Writing With a Strong Lead
7-Writing With a Strong Lead
8-Writing With a Strong Lead
9-Writing With a Strong Lead
10-Show Don’t Tell
11-Paint a Word Picture
12-Adding a Satisfying Ending
13-Adding a Satisfying Ending
14-Adding a Satisfying Ending
15-Adding a Satisfying Ending
16-Adding Transition Words
17-Avoid the “It Monster”
18-Strong Verbs
19-Specific Nouns
20-How to Include Dialogue
21-Stretch Your Sentences
22-Performing Surgery
23-Revision Checklist
24-Revision Checklist Part 2
25-Editing Checklists
26-Rewriting Your Narrative
27-Illustrating Your Narrative
28-Choosing Your Title
29-Parts of a Published Book
30-Author’s Celebration

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