End of Year Math Project

End of Year Math Project

This Summer Camp Math Project is one of my favorite ways to end the school year. Each of the activities has a summer camp theme. While it’s certainly not necessary for students to have read Holes to enjoy this resource, the ones who are familiar with the book will definitely catch several references.

You have several options within this resource. You can print all pages together as a booklet, or you can print full size pages. Another choice is to assign the entire project at one time and let students work at their own pace. Another option is to assign one page at a time. You can use the tasks for early finishers, as an extension project, or as your primary math lesson. Feel free to skip around and use only the pages you want your students to complete. The choice is yours!

The Cost of Admission

In the first task, students determine the cost per day campers who stay at Camp Green Lake for 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, and one week. Then, students determine how the revenue Camp Green Lake generates. Since my students haven’t learned how to divide with 2-digit divisors, I’ll let them use a calculator for this activity.

Are We There Yet?

In this activity, students use a road map to determine the distance from various cities to Camp Green Lake. They’ll use a ruler and a map scale to determine the actual distance.

Schedule of Activities

The Schedule of Activities gives students the opportunity to work on elapsed time, as well as the real-life skill of scheduling their day. Of course, the activities to choose from are far more exciting than a typical day!

Opening Night Cookout

This is a great division activity were students need to interpret the remainder to determine how many packages of food need to be ordered for the big cookout. They repeat the task with two different sessions that allow students to see how the dividend impacts the quotient.

Finding Fractions

This is one of my favorite activities in this end of year math project! Students use the Finding Fractions directions page to design the layout of Camp Green Lake. They will need to apply their understanding of equivalent fractions to make their design.

end of year math project

Mess Hall

Since this end of year math project is tied with summer camp, there had a be a mess hall! In this activity, students must determine how many of each type of table is needed seat all of the campers and junior counselors for each of the five different camp sessions. This also requires division where students must interpret the remainder.

Planning the Cabins

There’s a lot of real-life problem solving required in this activity. After students determine how many cabins and bunk beds are needed for each session, they get to draw the layout for Camp Green Lake.

End of Year Math Project – Obstacle Course

This is one of my other favorites! Probably because I love the idea of playing on an obstacle course! In this activity, students design an obstacle course based on given areas and perimeters. I encourage students to complete the essentials first and then to color and add details.

end of year math project

End of Year Treasure Hunt

This is also one of my favorite activities in the end of year math project! (couldn’t narrow it down past a top 3) In this activity, students use the given directions to design a treasure map.This is so much fun for kids, and it’s a great way to get it a little more measurement!

end of year math project

There is a digital option for each of the activities, so this can be used for distance learning as well as face-to-face instruction. It’s a perfect way to wind down the school year while maintaining an academic focus. You can find the resource here. You can also check out a huge collection of end of year activities in this blog post.

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