Multiplying With Area Models and Partial Product

Teaching multiplying with area models and partial product is a major component of fourth grade math. Before teaching multi-digit multiplication there are many concepts that are essential for student success. You can read more about those lessons here. A solid understanding of those concepts makes multiplying with area models and partial product much easier for

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Lessons to Teach BEFORE Introducing Multi-Digit Multiplication

Most curriculums and textbooks make a lot of assumptions. That’s especially true in math. For instance, in fourth grade, students jump right in to multiplying a 4-digit number by a one-digit whole number and then multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. Years of experience has taught me that the majority of students are not ready

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Teaching Multiplication

We know teaching multiplication is one of the most important parts of third grade math. The understanding of multiplication sets the stage for almost all other math concepts, and it is critical that students develop a deep and authentic understanding of multiplication. One easy mistake to make is to rush right in to teaching multiplication

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Digital Math Manipulatives

There are so many great options for using digital math manipulatives. However, once school started I quickly realized that while I had access to great digital manipulatives, I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to use them. We all know the importance of using math manipulatives in the classroom, but there is a difference (other

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Teaching Word Problems

Teaching Word Problems

It’s no secret that addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division word problems present a considerable challenge to students. Students often rush through word problems and immediately try to find an answer, rather than thinking about the meaning of the problem. Students see a word problem and want to immediately grab the numbers and do something with

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Memorizing Multiplication Facts

Memorizing Multiplication Facts

Teachers agree that memorizing multiplication facts is such a challenging part of elementary school. In fact, I surveyed more than 20,000 teachers about their biggest challenge in math instruction. The most overwhelming response was that their students don’t know their math facts. This issue is a not a new trend. Math facts, especially memorizing multiplication

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