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Teaching through Christmas worksheets and activities can be so much fun! There is something magical about that time of year, and I love being able to share it with my students. The 12 Activities of Christmas are a collection of Christmas worksheets and activities for upper elementary students. This resource is geared toward critical thinking and divergent thinking skills. These activities are great for early finishers and extension activities during the holiday season.

Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are always a challenge for students, but they’re a great thinking tool. We typically complete the first logic puzzle together and students work with a partner for the second logic puzzle. This Christmas worksheet incorporates a bit of reading and math.

Christmas worksheets

Christmas Worksheets-Cookie Recipe

In this activity, students help Mrs. Claus triple a cookie recipe.  This is a fairly challenging activity, but it’s perfect for fourth graders because of all the fractions. This might be a little too challenging for third grade, so I included an alternative version where I removed all of the fractions and replaced them with whole numbers.

Christmas worksheets

Longitude and Latitude

In these Christmas worksheets, students can practice longitude and latitude in a fun way. In this activity, students use longitude and latitude to track Santa Claus’s route. They even find the exact latitude and longitude of their hometown. This lesson could be a great springboard into a holidays around the world unit!

Christmas worksheets

Christmas Worksheets & Activities – Graphing

It can be difficult to find challenging graphing activities. They’re often fun but require little critical thinking. In this activity, students will apply addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problem solving to answer the questions. There is different Christmas data, such as the age of the reindeer, number of Christmas gifts, and types of cookies. Students can use that data and graph paper to create their own graphs.

Christmas Worksheets – Sudoku

There is a Christmas themed Sudoku on a 6 by 6 square (to make it a little more manageable for 3rd-5th grade students). Rather than drawing each shape, students can cut and paste pictures onto the puzzle. I originally thought this would be a challenging activity for students, but it proved to be one of the easier pages. I think my students love to prove me wrong!

Christmas Tree Farm

The Christmas Tree Farm is always so challenging for students. In this activity, a tree-cutter at the Christmas tree farm has been asked to collect nine trees, but he can only walk in FOUR straight lines. Students must join all the trees with four straight lines without lifting their pencil. The lines must pass through each tree once.

Christmas Worksheets – Word Ladders

Word ladders are lots of fun for students and adults! The objective of a Word Ladder is to transform the Start word into the Stop word, one step or “rung” at a time. Students can only change one letter of the word each time they move to a different “rung” of the ladder. Since this is a challenging activity, I have included one clue for each of the four word ladders, so students will know if they’re on track.

Christmas Worksheets – Present Balances

In this Christmas worksheet, there is an algebra activity where students have to find the weights of packages using balance scales. Once students understand how to complete this activity, it’s fairly simple. I like to have students create their own balance scale problems on the back of the paper.

Candy Cane Measurement

I really like the candy cane measurement activity! In this activity, students use mini candy canes to measure the length of various objects around the classroom. As an added bonus, students can use the mini candy canes to determine the perimeter of their desks.
Christmas worksheets

Number Christmas Tree

The Number Christmas Tree is a fun Christmas worksheet for students. In this activity, students must determine the value of each circle in the Christmas tree. I let my students color the circles when they finish.

Christmas Carols

My absolute FAVORITE Christmas worksheet is the Carol Synonyms. We complete this during our Christmas party every year. I let students and parents work in groups to solve the riddles. In the Carol Synonyms, students have to find the titles of popular Christmas carols by using synonyms for the carols.  For example, Quiet Dark may be Silent Night.

Santa’s Workshop

Another one of my favorites is when students build Santa’s Workshop using area and perimeter. Students are given a direction sheet that lists either the area or the perimeter of different rooms in Santa’s workshop. They draw the rooms on grid paper with the correct dimensions, and then they can decorate the rooms.

Christmas Fractions Freebie

Another fun classroom Christmas activity is this free fraction lesson that you can download here.  In the activity, students solve equivalent fraction problems.

Christmas Worksheets – Creative Writing

I also wanted to share my December Creative Writing Freebie! It’s fun of fun, creative prompts that your students will love! There are 15 different writing prompts that require students to think and write creatively! You can download it here!

Christmas worksheets

You can find even more ideas for incorporating Christmas worksheets and activities into your classroom at this blog post!

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