Standards Based Math Assessments

It can be quite challenging to find high quality standards based math assessments. Many times the assessments include more than what I need for authentic standards based assessments, or they’re not a just right match to the standards. Plus, there are multiple types of math assessments that I like to incorporate into the classroom.

Short Answer Math Assessments

I created individual assessments for all of the Common Core Math Standards. Since this post was originally written in 2012, most states have moved away from Common Core Standards, so this resource has evolved. The assessments could be used as a common assessment among teachers in different schools or even districts, because there is value in common or aligned assessments.

In the resource there are two 1-page, assessments for each of the Common Core Math Standards. To keep the resource up-to-date, I included a new addition without the Common Core Standards. There are 60 pages of math assessments, and I’ve made an answer key for each of the assessments. Since there are two assessments, teachers can use one assessment as a pretest, or they can use the extra assessment for retesting students as needed.

You can check out these 3rd Grade Common Core Math Assessments by clicking this link and the 4th Grade Common Core Math Assessments by clicking this link.

Multiple Choice Math Assessments

While multiple choice assessments aren’t always my favorite, students do need experience to this form of assessment. With the second version of math assessments, I discovered that my students typically score lower on multiple choice assessments than on short answer assessments. They are easily tricked and do not have a lot of exposure to this type of assessment.

In this resource there is one assessment for each of the third grade standards. Since I know we all have different needs and different standards, there is an editable version of the file.

You can find the 3rd Grade Multiple Choice Math Assessments here and the 4th Grade Multiple Choice Math Assessments here.

Constructed Response Math Assessments

Math constructed response problems are playing a larger and larger role in elementary math instruction. I start teaching how to solve constructed response problems at the beginning of the school year and don’t wait until testing in the spring. This isn’t a quick and easy process, but it provides us with valuable insight into student thinking.

I want constructed response problems to be an integral part of my day-to-day instruction and assessment process, which lead to the creation of  Constructed Response Math Assessments. Each of the questions require students to apply  the standard in a problem solving context. There are two assessments for each of the Common Core Math Standards. The questions require students to explain their thinking in words and to use number sentences and/or visual representation. There is a student-friendly rubric at the bottom of each page.

I know that copy numbers, ink, and paper can be used up far too quickly, so I also made a small version of each question that can be cut out and glued in students’ math interactive notebooks.

You can check out the full preview here if you’re interested in taking a closer look. At this time, I only have this version available for third grade. Fourth grade is coming!


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