End of the Year Project

End Of The Year Lapbook

This end of the year project is the perfect activity to wind down the school year! It’s low prep and lots of fun!

I’ve felt so guilty the past few days. I know my students want me to be fun, exciting, and playful, but I am SO TIRED. It’s a struggle just to keep my head above water, but at the same time I want to make our last few days together special.

That’s why I am so thankful that I remember my end of the year project. It’s easy to prep, but the kids love it, and it’s a special keepsake students can keep for years.

end of year project

End of Year Project – Assembly

You can use a file folder to make the “lapbooks”. Fold the right and left side of the file folder so the two edges meet in the center of the folder and make a sharp crease. This way the middle section is large and the sides fold in like flaps.

Have students glue the heading on the top of the center section. I included grades 2nd-5th and a black filled option that is best for printing on colored paper and an option that students can color and decorate.

I love a top-ten list, so I included a top-ten list for students to write their ten favorite things about the school year. I had students glue the list on the left-inside flap. On the right-inside flap students glued three “Polaroid” pictures. I printed those on white paper and had students cut the squares out. In each frame, students drew a picture to reflect a special moment from the school year. Students can also write a hashtag or caption at the bottom of the picture.

end of year project

In the center section students wrote about what they learned in different subjects. I had students cut out the square and fold the flaps on the solid line. Underneath each subject area, students wrote something they learned during the year. Underneath the square, students added three mini booklets. In the booklets, students complete the sentence stems written on the outside each of the booklets.

The advice letter is my favorite part of the lapbook! There are two options for the advice letter. One option is a shorter template (shown on the picture). Students should complete the advice letter using the included sentence stems. Students will glue this on the outside-left flap. I prefer the longer option (not shown) and have students glue half on the outside-left flap and the other half on the outside-right flap.

I didn’t have room for the Kindness Counts section this year, but it’s an adorable option. Have students write examples of kindness they observed or received during the school year. Students can also use this space to thank people for have made a positive impact on them during the school year. Glue the hearts and title on the outside-right flap of the booklet.

This end of year project lets your students to create such a precious memory book (with a twist)! You can find the Lapbook here! Be sure to check out this post to find a huge collection of end of year activities!

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