Halloween Choice Board

This year I’m recycling some Halloween Choice Board activities that I made way back in 2010. I actually used the same activities YEARS before that. Back before I knew how to make tables and insert images, I created the choice board and activities by hand. One day I’m going to dig through my old school things to see if I can find the original. Talk about a blast from the past! Some years I let students complete one activity a day, and other years I give my students a choice board and have them complete three activities in a row or column.

The only special materials you’ll need are two pumpkins. These can be real of artificial pumpkins. I used to buy real ones every year, but after accidentally forgetting it over a weekend made me realize I should probably stick with fake;)

Problem Solving

There is a problem solving page where students are given specific strategies to solve complex problems. Obviously, I want my students to reach the point where they determine the strategy themselves, but sometimes they need a little extra scaffolding.

Word Problems

There is writing and solving word problem activity, because students always need extra word problem practice. I love giving students the opportunity to write their own word problems. It’s also great when I can incorporate math with reading and writing!


Students absolutely love this rounding game. It includes dice, is played with a partner, and it’s actually fun! This can be easily differentiated by having students round to different multiples (100, 1,000, etc.).


It’s always fun to squeeze in a little graphing during Halloween.

Properties of Addition

I love spending a little time on the properties of addition, as I want students to begin making connections within addition and eventually multiplication. In this activity, students complete problems using the commutative property, but rather than only using digits, students work with Halloween symbols. Of course, I had to include more word problems.

Area and Perimeter

Students use candy corn pumpkins to find the area and perimeter of their desk. Even if you haven’t taught area and perimeter yet, a quick explanation will allow students to complete the measurement activity. When you do reach your measurement unit, this will be a great activity to reference.


Students love any lesson that involves food, and this fraction activity is no exception! In this activity, students use M&Ms to solve various fraction riddles. Students also create a model to show how they solved each riddle.


In the measurement activity students compare two pumpkins using different elements of measurement. This always leads us into great conversations about using a ruler or a tape measure to measure with.


I love the Geometry Haunted House activity, because it lets students get creative! You really don’t know what students will think of when they make their own designs! I’ve found that students often want extra time for this activity.

Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, I hope to weave in some of these activities the week before Halloween. I may give my students the choice board on Monday and give them all week to complete as many activities as possible. I could use it for early finisher activities for a week that we all know is C.R.A.Z.Y.


You can download a FREE word problem activity here! In this activity, students draw a Halloween themed character card, operation card, and number card. Then they use that information to write a word problem centered around what they drew.

Halloween Word Problems

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