Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow, my students will participate in a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. We originally had a school-wide outdoor activity planned, but due to rain, I’m moving to Plan B.

The goal of the Halloween scavenger hunt is for students to place the corresponding sticker beside each of the seven riddles. The trick is that students have to solve the riddle in order to find the sticker.

I’ve hidden all of the stickers inside books in our school library. The number that is the solution to the riddle is the number on the spine of the book. For example, the answer to the riddle on top is 914, so the stickers are placed in Europe.

Halloween scavenger hunt

When planning the Halloween scavenger hunt, I had to be careful when selecting the books to hide the stickers. I haven’t introduced decimals, so I avoided any book with a decimal on the spine. I also avoided books where there were several books with the same number. I also chose books that were not frequently checked-out of the library.

I printed the stickers on label paper with .5 inch circles and placed the whole sheet (section) in the book. When students solve the riddle, they’ll go to the book, get a sticker, and return the book correctly.

Halloween scavenger hunt

I even made multiple versions of the same riddle to prevent everyone from solving the same riddle at the same time.

I image the answer key will be my best friend tomorrow! It can be hard to keep up with what goes where without that in my hand.

Halloween scavenger hunt

If you’d like to do this Halloween scavenger hunt your students, you can download the files for free!  You can download this resource in the FREEBIE LIBRARY! This file is the PowerPoint version that is editable. More than likely you’ll need to make changes to make the numbers work for your school library. You can download the editable file and make any changes you need!

I hope you and your students enjoy! If you’d like to see more Halloween ideas, be sure to check out this post!

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