Number Sense Activities

These number sense activities are a blast for students! Most upper elementary teachers notice a lack of number sense in their students, and that lack of number sense makes high levels of math extremely difficult for children. We’ve all seen the blank stares when students are not able to grasp or connect to the concept

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The Math Workshop Guide

Since my first year teaching I’ve loved teaching through reading workshop and writing workshop, but I never saw a way to transfer that method of teaching to math. However, I wasn’t too worried about it, because my students appeared to be learning and my test scores looked good. Fast forward three years later and my

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Measurement Unit

I finally finished my new measurement unit where students measure to the nearest one-fourth inch, and it may very well be my new favorite unit.  I’ve always loved teaching measurement, but I didn’t feel like I had a good written plan for teaching it.  I always taught piece by piece, but I wanted to have

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Geometry for 3rd Graders

Geometry for 3rd graders is such a fun unit to teach, because it easily lends itself to hands-on activities. In my Third Grade Geometry Unit there is a major emphasis are the properties and features of quadrilaterals. Like most geometry for 3rd graders resources, there is a heavy emphasis on vocabulary. In the unit, I

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