100th Day Activities & Ideas

Having only taught upper elementary, I’d never worried about 100th day activities.  It all just seemed a little too young to me. I start feeling the pressure of our state testing after Christmas, so I don’t like giving up class time for anything other that what’s essential to teach.

However, every year the 100th day would roll around, and my students would always be so disappointed that we weren’t doing any 100th day activities to celebrate. It made me feel like a big ole meanie! I don’t want to be the teacher who takes the fun out of school, so I had to get a little creative and develop 100th day activities that would be fun, yet grade level appropriate.

I’ve made a 12 page mini book, and each of the 100th day activities is based around the number 100. For instance, one of the activities is to find all of the factors for 100, and in a different activity students write a multiplication word problem with a product of 100. I think this will be a great way to have fun and incorporate math and language arts concepts learned during the year. 100th Day for Big Kids

You can print one copy for every two students, because there are two activities on each page. This helps save on paper and copies, which are always in short supply.

100th Day Activities

You can print as a booklet and pick and choose which of the 100th day activities you want to include. It’s certainly not necessary to try and do everything. If you departmentalize, you can pick only your subject area or go ahead and combine all subjects.

Just in case you prefer task cards for your 100th day activities, there are questions in a task card format. This will allow you to pick which option words best for you! You can also use the task card edition in a center activity!


100th day activities

Another fun 100th day activity is to have students build 100 point words. When creating a 100 point word, each letter has a value A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, etc. Students must write words that have a total value of 100. For example the word CAB would have a value of six. While this may initially sound easy to students, it’s not! However, it is great addition, problem solving, and perseverance practice. While it’s certainly not necessary, I’ve created a little printable students can use to create their 100 point words. I like that it gives a visual on how much each letter is worth. You can download the form for FREE here.

100th day activities

I also made a fun 100th Day of School Stem activity. To complete this activity, I have students bring in 100 Legos, with their parent’s permission. Students create a free standing structure using exactly 100 Legos. The structure must be at least ten inches long and ten inches tall. I added a couple decimal and fraction questions to the form to a little extension. This is included in the link above as well!

100th day activities

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these 100th day activities! Now I’ve got to go find out when our hundredth day is. I’d hate to miss it!
If you’d like to read more about how I incorporate seasonal activities into my instruction, be sure to check out this post!

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  1. Hello- I can’t seem to access your 100th Day of School STEM Challenge? I bought the pack above thinking it was in there but it wasn’t. : (

    Can you help me figure out where to download the correct paper?

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