Vista Print in the Classroom

Vista Print in the Classroom

Every summer I go a little crazy with Vista Print orders, and I tell myself that I am not going to order anything new next year.  Of course, I keep ordering again and again.  I’m still waiting on a big sale, but my shopping cart is loaded full of goodies.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve made and ordered from Vista Print!

Vista Print reward cards

I use these business cards as a reward in my treasure chest.  Some of the things I write on the card are sit by a friend, sit in the teacher’s chair, chew gum for the day, wear a hat to school, etc.  Everything is something that doesn’t cost me any money, and my students LOVE it.

This return address label will be new for me this year.  I’ve yet to find a system I really like for saving my students’ work when they are absent, so I’m going to try this out next year.  I’ll just write their name on the sticker and circle if I want them to complete it at school or home and stick it in my makeup work box.

I’ll send these postcards home a few weeks before school starts back.  If I get my class list in time.  Last year it was too late 🙁


I’m excited to try out these reflection cards next year.  I hope they help students reflect on their choices and how their choices effect others.

These return address labels will go inside students’ library folders to help select “just right” books.

I’ll use the return address labels on tests that I want students to retake.

I love the brochures I make for open house.  They’re much cuter without all of the red arrows 🙂

I’d like to make something to stick on papers about how their work meets the standard, so let me know if you have any great ideas.

Vista Print for Teachers

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