No More Boring Research Papers

Research Project Ideas

In this post you’ll find FUN research project ideas for upper elementary students! I certainly remember completing my fair share of boring research projects in elementary school. We go to the library to find an encyclopedia to take notes on our topic. Then, we would write a traditional five paragraph essay. Fun stuff! Maybe I’m

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Teaching Division Concepts

Division Strategies

It’s important to spend time teaching or reviewing division strategies before moving on to multi-digit division. Most students are fairly confident and solid with multiplication concepts. But, many students need a little review of division strategies before moving into multi-digit division. I created a Conquering Division booklet that I used to guide our review of

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Lessons for teaching decimals

Introducing Decimals

The best way to begin introducing decimals (likely to 4th graders) is to teach lessons that connect fractions to decimals. That’s one of the reasons I like to immediately follow my fraction unit with my decimal unit. Like fractions, decimals are a topic that needs to be taught for conceptual understanding, as well as application

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