Thanksgiving Worksheets & Activities

Thanksgiving Fun

These Thanksgiving worksheets and activities are based around a Thanksgiving Choice Board. You can absolutely skip the choice board and have students complete a few (or just one) of the Thanksgiving worksheets and activities a day. If you do choose the choice board, you can have students complete one activity from each row, or complete activities in a tic-tac-toe format.

Thanksgiving worksheets and activities

You can use the Thanksgiving haiku activity to lead into a fun art project where students write a haiku and create a crayon resist to illustrate their poem. In the crayon resist, students color an autumn picture with a crayon (no markers or colored pencils). Then, they use water color paint to paint the background. I glue their picture onto black construction paper and have students rewrite their haiku at the bottom of the page. Of course, if you’re not up to painting, you can just use the included file!

Thanksgiving HaikuIn another Thanksgiving worksheet students write in a Pilgrim’s journal where they write three journal entries from the perspective of a pilgrim at the time of the first Thanksgiving. This is a great way to incorporate a point of view lesson into your Thanksgiving plans.

Thanksgiving worksheets and activities

I absolutely love the ABC Book of Gratitude. In this activity, students write something they are thankful for that starts with every letter of the alphabet. I had my students write in complete sentences, but you could have students brainstorm ideas of things they are thankful for every letter.

Thanksgiving worksheets and activities

There is also a fact and opinion Thanksgiving worksheet where there are statements given about Thanksgiving, and students have to determine if the statement is a fact or an opinion.

My favorite activity is the measurement scarecrow. In this activity, students cut out a variety of rectangles to create a scarecrow. Students measure the length of each shape to the nearest one-fourth inch. For an extension, students can find the area and perimeter of each figure.

measurement scarecrow

In a different activity, that’s an oldie but goody, students find how many words they can find within the word THANKSGIVING. Students can only use each letter once per word, except for the G, I, and N since there are two of each in Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving feast is a great problem solving activity for math! Students have to plan a Thanksgiving meal on a budget, which always presents quite a challenge. Students have $53 to spend on the meal, and have have to find three different combinations of food items they can afford to purchase for the meal.

In the collection of Thanksgiving activities, there is also a fun fraction activity, where students color a turkey’s feathers different colors. This also includes equivalent fractions, as students may be asked to color one-third of the feathers yellow, but there are six total feathers.

The final activity is a compare and contrast activity where students compare and contrast the traditions of early Thanksgiving and their family’s Thanksgiving.

There are several more fun Thanksgiving worksheets and activities in the file, so it’s sure to keep your students busy and engaged during a crazy time of year! You can check out the file in my TpT Store here.

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